Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oh Christmas Eve!!

I adore this time of year. Everything about it really. Well except one part. The "Dad" baggage. This year has been particularly sharp and I'm not sure why. Year 6 shouldn't be some apocalyptic event but after spending the better chunk of 4hrs crying in my car the other day, it has definitely been a tragic year. I will say that I had 3 really bad days then it lightened. Poor Mom is having a hard year too. Sometimes it's it seems a little schizophrenic...I am such a Christmas literally, get me to a Hobby Lobby this time of year and I'm Buddy the Elf, a total cotton-headed ninnymuggins!! But then December 20th and 23rd roll around and the Christmas cheer ends a little. For me, yesterday wasn't so bad. I got a little bit sad but nothing profound like the 19th. I think I had cried so much after work on the 19th that I was too tired to cry anymore when it was actually the 20th.  Ok, let's move on from this!!!

A wonderful thing came to my realization yesterday. My ultimate goal was to be down 75lbs by January 1st. I knew it was a lofty goal but I was determined. Apparently determination can pay of today I weighed 216.4...that is 76.1lbs from my starting weight of 292.5!!!! Which means that I am slightly ahead of my goal. I cannot believe it...Merry Christmas to me, I've lost a 2nd grader!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!

I mostly came on here to wish everyone a very very Merry Christmas and let you all know how blessed I am for each and every one of my friends and family. I truly love and care for all of you!! Thank you for your continued words and actions of support!

Peace and much love,