Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Wow, yes I'm still alive, lol.

I'm pretty sure I have gained back what I lost in the beginning but I decided that I need more help than what I was doing before. So, I am beginning a new plan that will still include my yoga and exercise as well as a dietary aid to shed some of my LB's a little quicker. Once I have off some of my excess weight I'll be able to increase my activity level. Right now with the size I am, the strain on my body is too much to work out more than I had been.

So, discouragement aside, I'm going to give it a try again and see what happens, fingers crossed that I will see a big difference in the next 6 months! I think everyone who knows me, knows that I am NOT a patient person, but I know that weight loss comes slowly if you do it the healthy, back on the wagon I am and as always, updates will be coming much more frequently!

Thanks for encouraging me guys!


The Mini - Maker said...

You will do it. I know you will. I've kinda fallen offa the wagon too... if you wanna count calories with me, lemme know ;)

Pazz said...

It's okay to keep starting over, Jordan. At least you're not giving up. You think everyone is successful at weight-loss the very first time? No, they are going to go through lots of temptations and sometimes just taking a break. Keep people around you to keep you accountable. Start counting calories w/ Mini-Maker and find work-out buddies. I know a lady in Belton who can get free passes to the local center for zumba classes. I can try to get a free pass for you - I think she said the classes are on Sundays. LMK!