Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Before and now

I wanted to show everyone some before surgery and now photos. This not my best design job but I wanted to throw together something quick!

As always, a big thank you to some of the most supportive people in my journey. You know who you are!!!  Some people have been constantly encouraging and others have given me the kick in the butt when I needed it, both are appreciated and are obviously working, so don't give up on me yet!! I got another 60lbs to lose!!!

Peace and much love,


Libra Moon said...

Amazingggggg. I'm so so happy for you. Here's a toast to your next 60lbs *clink of tea cup*

pinknsassyemt said...

You look amazing!!!!! So proud

james said...

I'm so happy for you Jordan. CONGRATS ON 60LBS Lost!

Vong said...

You look great! You will be an inspiration to others around you to make a change too - it all seems so slow, but you've gotten much further today than you did this time last year. So kudos! Also, you didn't just change but did the door color change too? LOL