Friday, September 16, 2011


So, went for a fill yesterday. Thought I would just break even since my last appointment on August 2nd but I had actually lost 2lbs. That isn't a huge loss, obviously, but it was still something. I also went through increasing my calories by 100cals/day so I think overall, it was a good thing.

This has been the toughest fill so far. The band works on a pressurized system so when they inject the saline they can feel resistance if your band is full. (If you're not familiar with how the band works, there is a silicone pocket which can tighten the band as the fat around your stomach melts away.) She said she was able to put a full cc in but didn't want to fill me too tight so she drew back a little to give me a .7cc fill.  After fills you do liquids for 24hrs then mushy food for 24hrs then back to normal diet. However since this will make 6.7cc in my 10cc band she wants me to really stick to soft foods this weekend to let my body adjust to the fill. 

This has been the most noticeable fill so far, without adding food. I started having left shoulder gas pain intermittently last night. I hadn't had that since surgery, but it makes sense with the tighter restriction.  And, I really didn't want to push it so I couldn't take my IBS medication last night which is making for an upset tummy today...the liquids aren't helping since it's been a ton of coffee and coffee is a diuretic, you get the idea. Anywho, I will be trying some mashed potatoes and soup for lunch and see if I can feel the restriction. Just like with every other fill, the first couple hours after the fill you can feel EVERYTHING going down the band. I was drinking coffee and it sounded like creaking stairs!! But the rest of the day was fine. It was easy sticking with warm liquids since it was so cold last night at the game!

Heading out to the game again tonight, going for 6 wins in a row!! Holla! Let's hope my tummy is on board with this plan, could make for a very interesting night! Fill you in later!

Peace and much love,