Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Long and Winding Road...

That leads to Well, here it goes! I have been going through the process with my getting approval with my insurance. Here is a quick snapshot of what I have done...

July 2010 - Attending a seminar at Malley Surgical Weightloss Center

August 2010 - Had my consult with my bariatric surgeon, who actually is no longer with the group...haven't met my new surgeon yet but Malley has a wonderful reputation!

Met with my PCP to get an evaluation. This just consisted of a check up and going over a plan for my 6month pre-band diet/exercise lifestyle change.

September to December 2010 - once a month I meet with my PCP and go over how I've been doing with my diet and exercise. I am currently on an 1800 cal diet plan and trying to walk/do stairs at least 20mins 3x/week. At work I started taking the stairs!

December 2010 - I had my Psych eval. The purpose of the eval is to make sure that you understand the risks and benefits of the band and that you have the skills and competency to make a decision and stick with it. It was a great appointment and it felt nice to talk about some of my emotional concerns. I've always been fat. I don't mean that to sound callous but that's just the truth of that matter. I cannot recall a time when I didn't have to wear plus size clothes. I was wearing a size 16 in elementary school. Having said that, I have always (well in the last 5years or so) really loved myself. I'm confident, I'm beautiful and I have an amazing wardrobe! It is weird to think that someday in the future I will be able to walk into ANY store on the plaza and find a shirt or skirt or dress or pants or...anything that I want! It also trickles to my friends and family. Everyone has always known me like this. Everyone has always seen me like this...and loves me just the way I am. I love you all for that. I have never (well, not since I was a young teen) felt inadequate or "fat" around my friends and family. But, this is my time. The time for me to take control of my life, the way I feel, the way I look but more importantly, my future...this is for a healthy future!!!

January 2011 - met with a dietician. This was a total eye opener for me! I was shocked at some of the numbers she explained to me. For example: my "ideal" weight according to the US Departement of Health and Human Services height/weight chart is between 104-127lbs. My lean weight is 133lbs. My goal weight is between 150-170 and she wants me no lower than 140! This was a complete eye opener to me. You look at all these "ideal" weights and then you discover that that weight is actually UNHEALTHY!! I currently weigh 292lbs...yep that's case you missed it 292lbs. I'm not ashamed. I'm not appalled. I'm just...tired of it. My knees, my back, my respiratory system, lol! My goals are small...I want to walk up a few flights of stairs and not be short of breath. I want to be able to walk around the mall or an art gallery for a couple hours without my feet burning. Goal #1 - 250lbs...that is so close! May even reach it in the first month, but planning on closer to 1-2 months.

During the last 6 months I have drastically changed the way I eat. I have been not only counting calories but using MyPlate on to chart how I'm using my calories. I don't waste calories on beverages anymore. I drink a ton of least 64oz a day...which is the recommended, but I don't drink sugary beverages and I rarely drink soda. It has been a little bit of a challenge but the key is I don't neglect myself. Once or twice a week I let myself cheat a little, I splurge, I eat something for a treat. On Sunday, I was going to give myself a free day...I ate what I wanted but I still tried to be aware...I stayed within my calories! It's nice...I feel like I accomplishing more than just a "pre-band diet" I feel like I'm changing my life.

Everyone seems supportive so far. I know that it's not going to be a cakewalk. I will have challenges ahead but my bright, long, healthy future makes it all worth it.

Sorry this is so long, if you read the whole thing...thanks and your support means a lot!!!