Monday, October 10, 2011

This can't be for real.

I will be revealing sensitive information about my clothing sizes. If not interested in my undergarments, please do not read. (That sounded creepy)
************END OF DISCLAIMER************


With God and Meagan as my witness, I went to Lane Bryant on Saturday to buy some new bras. Trust me, this was a need, not a want. I decided that since I was in 42C's that I would try the 38C's. There was a bra that I adored but only in a 38D, so I thought, what the hay...and fits! Not just a little, it fits very well.  It's snug, which I'm obviously not used to since all of my bras in the last few months have been horrible loose. The fact that I can fit into Victoria's Secret sizes is amazing...but not the most exciting thing I discovered. I wanted to see how it looked with clothes on to make sure it wasn't grotesque from the back. So I grabbed my usual 18/20 tshirt and tried it on. Meagan looked at me and said that I needed a 14/16. I was fully prepared for it to be extremely snug and lumpy...but it wasn't. Not only was I wearing a 38D bra, but I was wearing a size 14/16 top!!! I couldn't believe it so I tried on another...AND IT FIT TOO!!!

I think right now the hardest part is the mental road block. The scale has only shown a 7lb weight loss in 4 weeks. Awesome, but not anything to blog about :) but it's how I feel. We call these NSV's, I think I've mentioned these in the past. Non Scale Victories. These have become EXTREMELY important in my life. I can cross my freaking legs. Somthing that a normal person might consider normal or mundane almost makes me cry. I can reach my foot comfortable to paint my toenails. When I do my Sun Salutation in yoga, I can actually touch my toes instead of dangling my fingers above my toes.  The losing sizes is great, but I know that since I've started working out on a regular basis, I'm gaining muscle. Everyone keeps reminding me that muscle weighs more than fat. But, it's still a head game.

And, it seems as though I'm winning :)