Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Wagon has a broken wheel...

This has been an excessively frustrating couple of months as far as my health journey is concerned. As previously discussed, I needed a break from constantly monitoring what was going in my mouth. Thinking I would still make healthy food choices I got my unfill which seemed perfect at the time...but now I've gained 20lbs. I know, it's a minor setback in a huge achievement but it still makes me feel crappy.

This is when that stigma people have about lapbanders really starts pissing me off. I hear all the time how I made the easy decision and have seen the look in people's eyes when they ask how you lost weight and you tell them you had lapband. You instantly feel the need to justify your decision and explain that it's a tool and a lot more than just eating less. My band is still over half full and I gained weight...not because I ate more but because of what I've been stuffing in my mouth. It just makes it hard because people think you're just taking the easy way out!

**********venting done**********

Ok, now that I got that out of the way...I have started a new blog that will (hopefully) teach me to be a better, more nutritious cook!

I just need to get motivated to workout again. It's getting hot but luckily the walking trail that wraps around my apartment is mostly shaded. I need to buy some pepper spray so I can go in the evening if I want! It's a great little trail with plenty of trees and a little over a mile so I should be worked up to my 3 miles/day challenge in the next couple weeks. I'd like to walk 3 miles/day - 5 days/week, think I can do it? Me too!

Ok, so there it healthy wagon has a broken wheel, but I'm on it, it's just a little bumpy right now! I will take all the motivation and encouragement anyone can spare!! I need to reach my final goal...that would mean losing 30lbs...let's say by Christmas? Deal.

Peace, love and happiness :)