Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For the first time...

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately! It's been crazy! But something very cool happened to me, yesterday I had someone tell me I look like I'd lost weight. It was awesome. She said there was more definition in my waist and that my profile looked slimmer. It was great! I'm not expecting a huge amount of compliments yet...but it was definitely sweet!
This is a slow moving process, about a pound a week. Everything I've ever seen has said that's a healthy weight to lose at a time, it's just hard to be super excited every week about a pound, lol! But, it's a feeling, it's the way things feel and clothes look on me now. I haven't gone down a size, lol, I haven't even lost 10lbs yet but I will :) and that's the best feeling of all!