Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Little Things...

Well, still plugging away, doing my thang! I'm just enjoying the way I feel, the weight loss is secondary to the healthy choices I'm making! Here's a couple things I've noticed:

1. I don't really enjoy drinking soda anymore. Sunday's are my cheat day so I thought I would get a fully leaded Dr. Pepper. over half of it is still in my refrigerator!

2. I was afraid that cheat day would make me feel like I was missing something. I had a waffle for breakfast on was wonderful, it felt like I was treating myself instead of just having a waffle for breakfast.

3. Soup and salad actually taste good. Lol, I found myself eating my salad the other day while my co-workers were enjoying chicken strips, french fries, pizza, roast beef and gravy; and actually saying out loud "Wow, this salad is really good!" and I meant it!!!

4. Routine, routine, routine. I've discovered that my eating routine is more important than my workout routine. If I don't get my cheerios, banana, coffee breakfast at work I feel off, same with my salad/soup lunch. But my workout is more flexible. On my off day of working out I took my pup for a walk. I still take the stairs everywhere. I walk more, I can find other ways to burn calories, but my caloric intake change is huge to my success.

5. I'm not really a stress eater, however, I am a BORED eater! lol, so now we carry trail mix in the house which is full of protein and fiber!

Ok, so there's my discoveries about life since THE CHANGE haha!

I'm still going. Sometime the scale doesn't reflect what I'm doing, but that's ok. Throughout the day your weight can fluctuate up to 2lbs up or down, so I don't stress over the scale. All these little things I have done are life changing and will lead me to a healthier lifestyle. I may not have lost 20lbs on a crash diet, but in 5 years, hopefully I'll be down 100+ lbs and have the resources to keep it off without it being a constant struggle! It's all about healthy choices and habits!


Pazz said...

that is awesome you've come to these realizations. that's what is important in the long journey to weight loss. vong