Thursday, April 1, 2010

30 Days Strong!

Well, today was 30 days since I started my new initiative. I think I'm down about 4lbs which is almost right where I wanted to be. A pound a week sounds like a good plan.

After I rebounded from my horrible week, I lost all that I gained plus a few more ounces for good measure! lol. I try to weigh only in the early morning so that it's all even and I have a better chance to be accurate. I've also added an extra few mins to my workout time effective today. I'm sure I covered this before but in case I haven't the plan I'm doing is on the Wii Fit. It has been wonderful for me and I can already feel the improvement in my core muscles and my posture. 

So, what do I think at this mini milestone? I think that it's awesome that I'm actually doing it. I've never been this determined before (well, except in school) to better myself. How awesome it's been! I love the way I feel and what it's done to my emotional well-being also.

Ok, headed to school, got to finish up some projects! :)