Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Been Forever!

Well, lots of changes have been taking place in my life and now that I'm at a halfway point with the approval process, I feel comfortable in saying that I am soon to get the Lap-Band. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the process, a surgeon will cut 5 small incision, insert laparoscopic tools into my abdomen and place a synthetic band around the top of my stomach. The band has a fill-able balloon encompassing the inside and it is filled with sterile saline to control the amount of food being taking in to the stomach.

At this point I have tried natural methods such as exercise, yoga and a controlled diet. The problem is that I plateau so quickly that I lose about 10lbs then my body adjusts to the changes. The body is built for famine so it uses whatever resources available to keep you sustained.

And, oh the other things I have tried, fad diets, pills, supplements, drinks and the list goes on. This is the safest best option for me. I wish everyone would go to one of the seminars and get educated on obesity before they write it off as  a lack of self control, it's so much more than that. 

Anyway, I wanted to keep everyone informed of the changes in my life, both now and in the near future. So, that's the future news...let's talk about now!

I have recently dropped out of Graphic Design classes to figure out what I really want to be when I grow up. I've always had a love for mission work and helping the homeless so I'm going to be talking to the head of a local homeless shelter to find out how to take it from volunteer work to a career. I'm hoping to be on a trip to Haiti in February if I can raise the money, if you so wish to donate, let me know! 

Other than that, I'm just loving life! I'm trying to work as much as possible to save money for Haiti and trying to do some fun extra curricular activities! This is my time!!! 


Heather said...

Hi :D saw you posted on my blog. Are you banded yet? Giving up design? I'm a graphic designer :) it's fun! But it's been a tough road being a designer (finding good jobs, and the economy and all that jazz).

Just FYI the band DOES NOT stop you from eating. It mainly just keeps you from being hungry all the time. It feels much different that I ever thought it would. I'm having a pretty easy time with it, and it's certainly easier than a regular diet. good luck!

GraphicGuru said...

I am pre-band currently. I'm hoping to be banded in March! My last appointment is February 22nd!!! This post was written in October and I have come a long way since then! I was considering giving up on Graphic Design but have since decided that when something calls you, why resist? I'm half way through getting my degree and I'm just on a hiatus from class. I was working full time and school full time for way too long! So, I'm going to focus on the other things in my life and then resume classes sometime in the future! I'm currently designing wedding invitations for 3 people and doing various logo's and designs for friends so I'm getting to flex my skills so far!

As for the band...I was relieved when I started researching the band that people actually can eat most foods. I know everyone is different but I've definitely been encouraged by reading what people have to say about the band and how it has worked for them. I firmly believe it's the best option for my life and I have learned that it's only a tool and that I will have to use my tool and not depend on it. I have several friends who are banded and all but one of them has been very successful, the reason she has not is she refuses to eat I'm very excited and oddly enough the thing I'm most worried about it the pre-op diet!! lol! Hope things are going well!!

Heather said...

Yea I have no problems. lots of people complain on the message board, but maybe I'm lucky? I'd guess unless you are adjusted SO tightly you shouldn't have a problem.

Glad to hear you didn't give up on it :) school is torture I don't miss it (and I have my loans to remind me of it every month) hahaha