Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So...I was driving home after a hectic day at work and I saw a license plate that read: BBWLVR...all I could think was, you go boy!! lol!! But it also made me think about my blog that I've been so lazy about updating!!! I've had quite a few people comment on how I haven't updated in forever, so here goes!!

I had a fill on November 10th and experienced the scariest lap band moment so far!! Karen was able to put over a full cc in my band but decided that would be way too much so she filled me from 6.7 to 7.3...not a huge amount. Then I took several drinks of water...fine. Then a gulp of water...fine, then a big gulp of water...not so fine. It was terrible. I have never felt that uncomfortably stuck before and it was painful. We tried a couple different things and then finally she decided we needed to take some out...all the while I have a cup under my chin in case the water comes up. I layed down, which gives you an odd semi drowning feeling and then she took out .2cc's of fluid...INSTANT RELIEF. It was so odd that taking out .2 little tiny cc's would make such a difference!! The whole ordeal only lasted about 90 seconds but felt like much made me feel almost panicky!!

On a bad note, after a fill it usually takes me a few days - a week to get back in the workout swing because of calorie intake. But this time around I adjusted then I got sick and anyone who has been banded knows that because of fluid changes in your body the band acts funny. So between not feeling like eating much anyway and getting stuck every other bite, I wasn't working out...not for over 3 weeks!! But, good news...this week I was officially back on the wagon in a big way!!!

And come to think of it, I forgot to mention the best part about that last fill. I lost 12lbs in 27 days!! Since then I think I gained 2lbs back so we'll say it's been 10lbs in 34 days!! I was amped, that put my total weight loss at 70lbs!! I can wear shirts (not quite pants since they have always been 2 sizes larger!!) from practically any store. Most XL's fit...what a strange feeling!! What an exciting time in my life...I feel so blessed!! And getting more blessed by the moment!!

On a side note...I am also dating an incredibly sweet guy. Don't wanna say too much because it's a new development but he is wonderful! We'll see how it goes!!

Oh and have I ever mentioned...I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Here are some pictures from the last month to give a snapshot of my life :)

I Hate Everything funny!!

And that was before the addition of 2 different bags of cough drops, Mucinex liquid and not 1 but 2 boxes of Kleenex!

Yummy Peanut Butter Pumpkins my sister brought to my job on Thanksgiving!

My beautiful and talented friend Jen took this out for girl's night...check her out, she took this with her iPhone, I know, unbelievable, right?

I have the best friend's in the world...

I effin love Christmas. You don't understand, I walk in Hobby Lobby and I turn into Buddy the freakin elf!!!

Hello boots.

Me and Craig...we shall see ;) there was a little iPhone recap!!! Life is amazing and I'm just trying to soak it up!!!

Peace & Love,
   Jordie <3