Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Ok, well the diet is on hold for today...I probably re-gained every ounce that I lost, lol! But, it's ok...I worked out this morning and will tomorrow morning!

But, yay for me...I lost 4oz since I weighed yesterday which brought my total 2week weight loss to 3lbs 1oz! That's a full lb and 1 oz over my goal weight loss for the week!!! 

Started the day listening to some of my favorite Irishmen (and Scotsmen) Celtic Thunder, then some Dropkick Murphy's while I got ready to go. We all sang on the way to lunch at O'Neill's on 95th and had an awesome time with my Mom and Sis. We came home and watched movies and enjoyes a wonderful corned beef and cabbage dinner! Thanks Sis!!!

The hardest part about today...missing my Daddy. He loved St. Patrick's day and I loved to watch him embarrass my sister and mom with his terrible leprechaun accent while we would shop in Shehan's or go to breakfast on St. Pats. 

                                                                    this was taken in March in love!

Well, enough sad...I had a wonderful day and I hope everyone else did too! Even if you're not Irish, you can be today! We welcome you all with love in our hearts and stout in our hands!