Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh weight are a fickle beast!!

So...I will get to some more personal stuff first but let me get to what you are all waiting for.

Yeah, I'm stalled. I haven't lost a flipping pound. But I haven't gained either. Which is good. One of the doctors at work and a great ally told me that my body has been through a major change in a short period of time and I probably need to plateau. All I keep thinking in my mind is "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" I also have to remember that I had an unfill and managed not to gain any weight and that prior to my unfill; before I got sick; I was feeling the need for a fill. So basically I'm back to that point. I need a fill and my appointment isn't until March 20th...*sigh*...a whole month away! But, I also haven't been working out. Between work and school, it seems there's no time!! Gotta find a way to work it in!!!

On to more personal matters...I'm currently going through a time of personal discovery. The worst part is that is brings a lot of emotion, hurt and pain to the surface. I'm lucky to have a wonderful set of friends, family and a great man in my life who are allowing me to go through this and supporting me through this difficult time.  Anxiety is something that I struggled with as a teenager but had really gotten a hold on but being in my first new relationship since Dad died has opened a lot of issues that I never dealt with. On that note, I've been asking for prayers for Craig and his family. His cousin died this past Sunday from complications of a motorcycle accident the previous Sunday. It's been a difficult time for him so please say a prayer for him & his family.
There are beautiful blue skies ahead and this is a wonderful life. I'm just trying to get to a point where I can enjoy them without any restriction!! Thanks again whoever reads this. I hope I'm helping in some way, not just with weight loss but also sharing my struggles. I think so often we live in a world were we just let our problems disappear or sweep them under the rug because it's inconvenient...time to let that all out folks, life is too short to spend it keeping pain and hurt stuck inside!!

Also, there are apparently quite a group of people who read this blog anonymously or just browse it...comment, say hi, tell me if you are on a similar journey...I'm interested in YOU!!!

Peace & much love,