Sunday, July 3, 2011

1 year (and one day's) worth of knowledge!

I was logged on to my page today and realized that it was 366 days since I had started checking into the Lap Band seriously. I had started dieting and exercising regularly in February 2010 in an attempt to earn a healthier lifestyle. I lost 10lbs then plateued very quickly so I began investigating the LapBand. Just now as I wrote that I got all teary, I can't believe that not only am I now banded but I am having amazing success with it. Here's a little smattering of facts about me and my band (Eephus):

July 2nd 2010 - created my profile on
July 17th 2010 - attended a lapband seminar by Malley Surgical and made the decision immediately that it was something I wanted to pursue.
August 10th 2010 - met with the surgeon (Dr. Hitchcock, he did not perform my surgery) and solidified my decision to get my band.
September 2010 - February 2011 - In September I went for my initial health evaluation with my primary care physician. I was put on an 1800 cal diet and followed up every month for weight/vital monitoring. In November 2010, I went for my psychiatric evaluation (how did they let a loon like me get away?!? lol) and then in January 2011 went for a dietary consultation which was so eye opening! I really thought I would have to be 120lbs and never eat ice cream again...I was so wrong. That was one of the most informative appointments I've ever had with a health care professional!
February 28th 2011 - my information was submitted for insurance approval.
March 8th 2011 - that was the day my life started changing! I was approved by insurance and everything moved so quickly from there!
April 1st 2011 - started my pre-op diet. The first couple days were horrible but then my body adjusted and I really just started feeling great!
April 14th 2011 - got my band "Eephus" if you're not familiar, an Eephus pitch in baseball is the slowest pitch that is thrown. Since I love baseball, what better name could I pick to remind me to slow down and take it easy?
May 24th 2011 -  First fill (5cc in 10cc band), when you go for your first fills you go once, again in 2 weeks and again 2 weeks later. After my first fill I lost 8lbs in two weeks. I went back two weeks later and he chose not to fill me due to my 8lb weight loss. Within a few days I felt different as far as chewing went but I was still getting hungry in between meals.
June 21st 2011 - second fill (6cc in 10cc band), this one changed everything! I could tell a difference immediately, especially when I wasn't chewing quite well enough. But I'm eating the appropriate amounts, staying full and losing very well.
July 3rd 2011 - I am sitting here writing my blog. And here are some fun Jordan statistics:

Weight February 2010 - 292
Current Weight - 251

BMI February 2010 - 52
Current BMI: 44
                  -8 points

Pant size February 2010 - 26
Current pant size - 22

Top size February 2010 - 22/24
Current top size - 18/20 (have gone from size 4 to 2 @ Maurice's)

When I'm looking over these stats I'm baffled that it has only been 79 days since surgery! I have averaged a 0.52lb weight loss per day. I just feel incredibly blessed. I have been given an opportunity to change my life and live a long, healthy and prosperous future (there's the tears again!)

Once again, I cannot express enough my gratitude and love for all the support I have received in the last year. I am truly awestruck with the outpouring of love that has pulled me through doubt, the fear and the pain that have come along with my decision. Thank you all. I love you.

I will end this post with my favorite quote of all time:

"Don't ever be someone's slogan because you are poetry."