Monday, July 11, 2011


AS OF 11:37pm on 7/11/11 I WEIGH 248.4LBS!!! That means I just passed my very first milestone of getting to the 250lb mark!! I'm so flippin excited! That means I have lost 44lbs since April 1st! Thank you everyone for your amazes me how many people mention the blog to me. At work or through text. I always assumed no one really read it because there weren't alot of followers or comments but I am flabbergasted at the amount of face to face feedback I get. It makes me wonder how many people may be ready this and getting inspiration or advice or maybe even just to know there is someone else out there in the same position, either way...thanks a million! I can't really tell you how loved this whole process has made me feel!!

Ok, so I have been working a crazy non stop schedule and it's killing me but, I will be reducing my hours here soon and will be getting back to some normalcy, because the past couple of weeks have seen the rise of my very first run-ins with my band! More on that later this week!

Peace, love and happiness!