Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Dance...Happy Dance!!

Ok, so totally doing the HAPPY DANCE!!! After my post and 2 weeks of sulking over my slow weight loss, I made a break through! This morning I stepped on the scale, not once but twice (cause I couldn't believe it!) and the number was...{DRUMROLL PLEASE} 236!!!! YAHOO!!!

This puts my total weight loss at 56lbs since April 1st and meets Goal #2 which is lose 50lbs!!! I am also officially 4lbs less than I am listed on my driver's license, it's the little things in life people!!

Ok, so officially starting tomorrow, I am back on the exercise wagon! My bff Meagan and I are venturing into the world of treadmills and exercycles...oh yeah, I said exercycles!!! I know I'm losing without the exercise but I really love the endorphine rush and how it makes me whole mental/physical outlook so much sunnier!!! Plus, I want to do the Warrior Dash next year!!! And run (or maybe jog, lol!) a marathon! These are things that were physically incapable of participating in...can't use that excuse for too much longer!!

Thanks again for all your love and support!!! Especially my Mom, sister and guys have been my sanity the past 2 months!!! Thanks!!

Peace and much love,