Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Chapter...

So, now is the time for life to re-begin! I have been so focused on getting back to normal then on just losing weight and working non-stop that I lost a little bit of my life. Those of you who know me, know that I am a bit of a homebody. I would just as well stay home and watch the Royals play with the fam as I would go out to a club. But, here lately I feel the need to tear up the town!! I haven't been able to do it yet, but it's coming!

I have achieved so much in the last year. Honestly there was a whole day last week when I had constant happy tears in my eyes! Sometimes when I think about it, really stop to think about it, I am in amazement of all that getting LapBand has done for me. Yes, I've lost weight...and 58lbs is an amazing achievement in 4 months but I've gotten so much more. A new lease on life. I have always been a confident person but when you put me in an airplane seat and I feel like a mutant or you try to cram me into a seat at the Sprint Center and I feel like a giant...I don't really feel like that anymore. My sister said she notices more space for herself sitting next to me at a Royals game. I can cross my legs. But my health is restored. I, for once, cannot wait to have my labs drawn to see how much my cholesterol has come down! My BMI has dropped an astounding 10 points. But I feel like I've been so ME focused that I've lost a little bit around the edges.

I've been single for a long while now. Mostly because I needed to be to achieve the things I wanted in life. I knew that I couldn't enter in a relationship before my band because if I felt truly loved I wouldn't have wanted to change. But now I want a deeper commitment. I want something that can last and become something greater than me alone. *sigh* if it were only that easy! I'm sick of browsing websites and texting for love...ready to jump into something with a other half...a best friend...a man, not a little boy! Maybe now I'm coming into that time!

This is an extremely personal post but I needed an outlet, lol. I just want a social life better than what the last year has been! Today is my now...come to think of it, it's your too! Don't forget to go out and live a little!!

I love and thank you all for your support!


oh and sidenote...I'm 3lbs from my halfway point!! Down 58lbs, 64lbs to go!!