Thursday, September 1, 2011

Batwings and Wii are motivated!!

So, as previously posted, I need a fill. I've only lost 4lbs since my last visit with Karen @ Malley on August 2nd. That is semi discouraging but also a great motivator!! I won't have another appointment with Karen until September 15th so what can I do in the meantime to at least maintain my weight? WORKOUT! I know for many people this is an easy task but for me, not so much. But something awesome happened. Yesterday I walked 1.38miles! Not much but enough to get me in shape for my 5k Light the Night and also The Kidney Walk for organ donation. Then something else awesome happened. I was super motivated to get up and do some cardio so I jumped on my Wii fit for 41 minutes and burned 246 calories!! So, I think I've found my fitness routine! Mon, Wed, Fri : cardio/balance/yoga with Wii fit and Tue, Thur: walk at least 1.5 miles! Feels so good.

On another note, I'm getting bat wings...(glamorous shot below) so I will be investing in *heaven forgive me* a shake weight!! I know, I know...but seriously, these babies look like they have sand in them!! I would like to have nice, toned underarms, so....shake weight it is!!!

Disgraceful picture of my saggy batwing!!
Ok, is goes, an added part of my journey. This is gonna be the hardest thing to make into a habit. But I do love the sweat, the pain and the endorphins, just gotta stay motivated!