Friday, September 30, 2011

The best of times...and the worst of times.

So, this has been the best experience of my life and although I have had such an amazing, relatively seamless experience; there are still those times that make you wonder, "Is this really what I should have done?" The answer to that question is yes, however the last 4 days had really been a challenge. So, here's how the problems started:

As stated previously, I had a .7cc fill 15 days ago. The first 10 days were great, didn't really have any issues, other than the normal "adjusting to a fill" hiccups. But then Sunday night wasn't so lucky. I have been fortunate as far as foods go, I can eat mostly whatever I want. I don't eat bread and I don't miss it. I can't do broccoli by itself, not heartbreaking. I absolutely positively cannot do tortillas but I can do chips and can do chimichangas, the only 2 ways I can enjoy the mexican delight. And bagels, don't get me started, 3 times tried...3 times died...almost! lol. Anywho, on that note, I have had steak. Both homeade and dine out. Never had an issue. I always chew chew chew and cut into small pieces, but with an even tighter band, the chewing gets longer and the pieces get smaller. Information I wish I would have remembered when I was eating Sunday night. Due to my unfortunately too large piece of steak I became stuck. Like, really stuck. So bad that well, I'll spare you the details, but let's just say it was unpleasant and there was much regurgitation!!

I took it easy that night and since I was still hungry I opted for a liquid dinner of coffee! The next day I couldn't eat breakfast. Not shocking. Lots of bandsters cannot do breakfast but do protein shakes or just coffee. For lunch I attempted to eat a salad. Two bites and partial stuck was enough for me not to try anymore at for the afternoon. After intermittently trying liquids and soft and still getting stuck on soft foods, I finally broke down and called Malley on Tuesday. She advised me to do liquids for 48hrs and then try to advance back to regular foods. If this didn't work, I would need to come and get a partial unfill...those words struck fear into my heart. I'd lost 5lbs since my visit and I wasn't tryint to change anything!! Luckily, when I advanced at dinner last night, I was able to eat my 3oz of tilapia and my green beans and some rice! It was wonderful.

The experience sucked but once again reminded me that this is a learning process and I am still trying to figure this thing out!! Thanks for sticking in there with me!!

On a really awesome note, I am officially down 7lbs in 15 days since my last visit!! So encouraging...after a plateau it was nice to lose some again!!!

Thanks for keeping me motivated!!