Thursday, October 20, 2011

My half bandiversary and more!

So, I'm weigh (I'm so punny!) overdue for this but......on October 14th, I was 6 months banded! I can't believe how time has flown and how much I've accomplished! I've lost an average of 10lbs/month since getting my band. What an amazing feeling!!  I've been very dedicated to my diet and exercise which of course has been a huge part of my weight loss. This week I increased my workouts which has felt great!!

I also discovered that maybe I truly am wearing a 14/16 top now! My sister had a sweater that she didn't want anymore, probably too big for her, but I tried it on and it wasn't an "oh, I'll be able to wear this soon" or "maybe it'll work soon," it was, "holy crap, this fits!!" It's just amazing to me that I can fit into it!! The bottoms are going to be the challenge!! I usually refer to my lower stomach as my "toddler." I don't have a baby, it's a full blown toddler!!! lol. Anyway, it is shrinking but the fear of having to do plastic surgery is lingering in my mind. 1. I can't really afford it on my budget, 2. I've never fancied myself as the plastic surgery type.

I've lost 3lbs since my appointment at Malley 7 days ago! I think that my workouts are starting to pay dividends. I had always heard that it takes 5-6 weeks to really start noticing the difference and now I am!!  I think part of it was also the chastising I got at my last appointment. I wanted to know exactly how many calories I should be consuming so she started asking me about my workouts and my diet and was very upset that I was only eating about 1000 cals/day, take out exercise and it was more like 800cals/day. NOT HEALTHY! So, the thinking was that my body was in starvation mode, makes sense. So, I increased my calories and have resumed losing weight, lol. So strange. Also, I really started paying attention to my protein intake. I wasn't getting enough. Now, I start off everyday with a protein shake and I feel great!

I have come so far in the last 6 months, I can't wait to see what the next 6 months has in store!!

Thanks for sticking with me, encouraging me and loving me!!!



Libra Moon said...

Jordannnn. It's been too long, I suck :( By the way, was it you who texted me the other day?? I randomly lost most of my contacts last week so am not sure!

So glad to see things are going well and that you figured out that not losing weight was because you weren't eating enough - that's the dream scenario right?!

Talk to you soon :)