Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The bad side of things...

I probably didn't mention this here before but one of the goals I had set for myself was to lose 75lbs by January 1st, 2012 and if I did, my reward would be a pair of TOMS. 

YAY!! I successfully went from 292lbs to 214lbs which was total loss of 78lbs!! WOO-HOO!! These were my reward and I can't wait to actually wear them tomorrow. Here is a quick recap of my accomplishment so far!

Lost 78lbs (the holidays kept me at a stand-still :)
BMI from 50.1 to 36.7 that -13.4 points!
Shirts from size 22/24 or 2x down to x-large and sometime large (when it runs big! lol)
Pants from a size 26 to a size 18!! (this was actually a life goal that I wrote down years ago!! Never thought I would achieve it!)
Shoes from an 8 1/2 - 9 down to an 8
Ring size from a 9 to a 7
***sensitive information on next line***
bra size from a 42C to a 38D holla!
Now that you got the awesome, here is a little change of pace...prepare yourself for an epic story :)

Picture it, I come down with a sinus infection. Stupid me forgot to acknowledge that I cannot swallow giant horse pills. Might have been a good thing to remember. So, I get my antibiotics on Wednesday night after work and realize there is no way I can take them. The next day I called the pharmacy and they said to crush and take with food, no problem. Well, until lunch. I think I mentioned before that when you get sick your band can go kinda loopy, this was the exact circumstance which rendered me incapable of eating...for 2 days. So by Friday I was dry heaving absolutely nothing since I couldn't eat and was nauseated because the only thing on my tummy was mucus. So, I put a call in to the surgeon and had to go in for an emergency removal of .5cc's. Once that ordeal was over I called my PCP who recommended I try to get an injected dose of antibiotics and long story short ended up in Menorah's emergency room for a shot of Rocephin in my right butt cheek and a prescription for LIQUID antibiotics which would have saved me from all this in the first place!!

Moral of the story: remember you have a lapband, dorkfish!!!

Ok, so there is my little update! Life is still awesome, exploring new things, meeting new people, getting your heartbroken a little. It can all suck sometimes but in the long run it makes you appreciate the good things even more! Life can get messy but aren't you glad that we can clean right up again?