Thursday, April 15, 2010

One more thing!

Oh, and it's not cute or chic to smoke. It's harmful, not only to ourselves but to others. I'm not being hypocritical, up until the end of January I had been smoking on and off for probably 5 years +, but now that I am giving a healthy lifestyle a whirl it seems pointless. 

I was looking at this photographer who takes peoples purses/bags/backpacks and empties them out in an orderly grid system and takes photos of them and their items.

What amazed me was the amount of cute, trendy, artsy girls/guys who had cigs in their bags and for a split second it made me want to smoke again...for a second. But then I remembered they are harmful and just icky!  I just wanted to say that it's not cute or chic or sexy or trendy or artsy, just gross! lol

The Little Things...

Well, still plugging away, doing my thang! I'm just enjoying the way I feel, the weight loss is secondary to the healthy choices I'm making! Here's a couple things I've noticed:

1. I don't really enjoy drinking soda anymore. Sunday's are my cheat day so I thought I would get a fully leaded Dr. Pepper. over half of it is still in my refrigerator!

2. I was afraid that cheat day would make me feel like I was missing something. I had a waffle for breakfast on was wonderful, it felt like I was treating myself instead of just having a waffle for breakfast.

3. Soup and salad actually taste good. Lol, I found myself eating my salad the other day while my co-workers were enjoying chicken strips, french fries, pizza, roast beef and gravy; and actually saying out loud "Wow, this salad is really good!" and I meant it!!!

4. Routine, routine, routine. I've discovered that my eating routine is more important than my workout routine. If I don't get my cheerios, banana, coffee breakfast at work I feel off, same with my salad/soup lunch. But my workout is more flexible. On my off day of working out I took my pup for a walk. I still take the stairs everywhere. I walk more, I can find other ways to burn calories, but my caloric intake change is huge to my success.

5. I'm not really a stress eater, however, I am a BORED eater! lol, so now we carry trail mix in the house which is full of protein and fiber!

Ok, so there's my discoveries about life since THE CHANGE haha!

I'm still going. Sometime the scale doesn't reflect what I'm doing, but that's ok. Throughout the day your weight can fluctuate up to 2lbs up or down, so I don't stress over the scale. All these little things I have done are life changing and will lead me to a healthier lifestyle. I may not have lost 20lbs on a crash diet, but in 5 years, hopefully I'll be down 100+ lbs and have the resources to keep it off without it being a constant struggle! It's all about healthy choices and habits!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So, this is kind of cool, if you've never been chunky you won't understand this, but for the first time in probably a decade I found out yesterday that I cannot see my belly over by boobs. ROFL. I was on the elevator at work and I was like "Holy crap, I have to lean over to see my belly!" Ha! It's the small thing...let's all remember that. It doesn't matter what my scale says. I feel a major difference and now I'm beginning to see a difference. Ok, that's all for now!!! 

Have an awesome day everyone!!!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For the first time...

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately! It's been crazy! But something very cool happened to me, yesterday I had someone tell me I look like I'd lost weight. It was awesome. She said there was more definition in my waist and that my profile looked slimmer. It was great! I'm not expecting a huge amount of compliments yet...but it was definitely sweet!
This is a slow moving process, about a pound a week. Everything I've ever seen has said that's a healthy weight to lose at a time, it's just hard to be super excited every week about a pound, lol! But, it's a feeling, it's the way things feel and clothes look on me now. I haven't gone down a size, lol, I haven't even lost 10lbs yet but I will :) and that's the best feeling of all!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

30 Days Strong!

Well, today was 30 days since I started my new initiative. I think I'm down about 4lbs which is almost right where I wanted to be. A pound a week sounds like a good plan.

After I rebounded from my horrible week, I lost all that I gained plus a few more ounces for good measure! lol. I try to weigh only in the early morning so that it's all even and I have a better chance to be accurate. I've also added an extra few mins to my workout time effective today. I'm sure I covered this before but in case I haven't the plan I'm doing is on the Wii Fit. It has been wonderful for me and I can already feel the improvement in my core muscles and my posture. 

So, what do I think at this mini milestone? I think that it's awesome that I'm actually doing it. I've never been this determined before (well, except in school) to better myself. How awesome it's been! I love the way I feel and what it's done to my emotional well-being also.

Ok, headed to school, got to finish up some projects! :)