Sunday, May 8, 2011

25 days out...

So, here I am. Twenty-four days post-op and down 14lbs. Wait, what was that, you ask? Yes, you read correctly...DOWN 14 LBS IN 24 DAYS. I know that might not seem like alot, I don't know what most people lose at a time but as a chick who hasn't seen below 280 in a few years...the 266 I read last night seemed amazing. Actually so amazing to me that I teared up a bit reading it. The amazing thing is that I don't get my first fill until May 24th. I'm staying full and enjoying my loss so far.

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As previously mentioned, I will be joining 24hr Fitness soon so I can get my excercise on!! Can't wait to feel the burn!!! My surgeon said that calorie restriction wasn't necessary at this point but I have been keeping to a 1300 calorie diet nevertheless. And, it's been working great! My overall experience has been amazing...all but one night.

Here I shall recount my dreaded Steak and Shake experience. Dum dum dum..............!

                                      The experience recounted here is
                                       no reflection on my lapband and
                                       is solely dependent on the dumb
                                       assery of the owner of this blog.

Ok, so I went over to hang out with a wonderful friend the other night after work and arrived at her place around 8pmish. Almost as soon as I got there she asked if I would like some dinner and I much appreciatively said yes and proceeded to eat a couple of Healthy Choice snackers. What I did not exactly plan on was the fact that I would stay over there until the wee hours of the morning. Circa 12:30am we decided to go get Steak 'n' Shake, brilliant idea, huh? So, I probably would have been ok if I hadn't; as previously mentioned; decided to be a complete and utter idiot. I ordered the chicken strips and fries with honey mustard. And, while not the most nutritious choice (although probably the best on the menu) it was Friday free day (the day in which I still count calories but I let myself eat some junk) so I though, "what the hay!" I made sure to drink water while I ate so I could keep eating!! What was I thinking??? And then I got a shake for the road...really, Jordan, really?!? Oddly enough I had no problems with the band. I chewed and chewed and chewed, enjoyed it all...ALL! So, I woke up MISERABLE on Friday. It had nothing to do with my band. I had a bad IBS flare up on Friday. I had to take my zofran and drank about 8oz of water the whole day. My stomach just burned and burned. I realized 2 very important things though.

1. I will not abuse my band again just because I can. Never again. It doesn't mean that much. I got no fulfillment from eating that whole meal. I didn't enjoy the food any more just because I consumed all of it. It was a stupid thing to do.

2. My body has become accustomed to the diet that I've been consuming for close to a year now. Leaner meat, more veggies, less grease. And eating that, especially so late at night = misery.

So, while it was a miserable experience that I'm still recovering from, I learned from it and it scared me enough to remember that I not only have a band but I also have IBS that needs to be looked after and taken care of.

So, I know this post was long, if you hung out...thanks!!!
Much love,

P.S. My bestie Cupcake got approval for her surgery so soon we'll be band buddies! Can't wait!!


pinknsassyemt said...

well.... it seems that when one of us has an "issue" the other one is soon to follow! So please.. stay the hell away from the chicken strips, we all see what happened to me on Sunday... Yes.. I am headed towards marriage number 4, the longest lasting forever marriage... I hope Ralph and I are happy! xoxo