Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hello again...

I realized sadly that I hadn't posted in 5 days...well. On Friday, e8 days post-op, I was down 10 lbs since surgery!! Things are excellent in my little spot on the map! I am healing beautifully and am having no post op pain. Even the port pain is most of the time absent, however, when bending or moving certain ways I still feel a twinge of pain. Overall, this experience has been wonderful. Nothing was as bad as I anticipated and I was able to go back to work Sunday and had an ok first day.  I will say, due to my hiatal hernia repair, the first day back at work gave me the WORST left shoulder gas pain that I had since surgery. I had to call the nurse on call who told me it was probably just because I my body was adjusting to the increased activity. It last about 90mins and then didn't come back the rest of the day or day 2 so I think it worked its way out!

Oh and one other thing. I had my first slime/stuck issue. If you are unaware of the term for banders it is when food has not been chewed well enough or is too doughy and plugs up the stoma that the band has created in the stomach. Sliming happens when tou are stuck or plugged and your esophagus is trying to create extra lubrication to get the food down, it's not very pleasant. So here goes, if you don't want to read about my little nasty experience, skip down! For a short second when I got home from work yesterday I forgot I was banded. I walked into the kitchen and took one of my sister's homeade french fries (which are healthy, baked and yummy!) and stuck it in my mouth, chewed maybe 3 times and then swallowed. Oh and I knew immediately!! I drank a couple of slow drinks of water...still stuck. Panic set in. It wa a little painful but the scariest thing was worrying about my band. I kept thinking "oh please don't mess up my band...please don't mess up my band!!" I took another drink of water and felt the need to try to get it up. I went in the bathroom and a little bit of slime came up but that's all. I felt the plug go down and I was fine. Able to eat dinner and made sure I CHEWED about a thousand times. Sorry if that was TMI but I promised that this would be a full disclosure blog!

Well, other than that one issue, things have been great. The really weird thing is that nothing sounds good to drink except water. I tried different flavors of Crystal Light but nothing tastes good right now. But water, sweet blessed cold water!! It tastes amazing right now which I guess is a good thing! I shall post again soon!!