Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Post-op Truths

Ok, so not gonna lie. After I blogged yesterday...I WAS MISERABLE! The worst pain I had was day 3 but yesterday I felt the nastiest. I had to take my Zofran for the first time and had a little scare when I got a low grade fever of 99.5. I was a little freaked out but once I pushed some fluids and rested my temp came down to a lovely and normal 98.5. Thank you body for reminding me that you run me, I don't run you!

So, glad that yuckiness is aside and today has been a much better day. No nausea, got out and walked around...ate a fairly decent lunch of mashed potatoes and just polished off a popsicle. Oh yeah, be jealous!!!

My room needs to be cleaned but most of the stuff is little things on the floor and quite frankly, the port hurts the most when I lean, that'll have to wait. Darn, I hate it when I just can't clean!!

My Royals played some impressive baseball last night!!! Go boys, go boys! What an exciting season so far!! Lovin it!!!

Ok, gonna go do some other fun stuff, which probably won't be anything exciting!!! Once again thanks for all the well guys rock!

  Peace, love and cupcakes,