Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So exciting!

So...I've lost 11lbs since I visited the Nurse Practitioner on March 25th. That means this pre-op diet is really working! I know the goal is to "shrink your liver 25%" but the weight loss effects are awesome!!! I got out for a walk with my sister and the pups...such a pretty day!!!

I'm officially in the single digits!! 9 days until surgery!! I feel great! What an amazing thing I'm about to go through!! I'm getting a little nervous about anesthesia but other than that I'm super excited.

This process I'm going through is also very emotional. Someone asked me yesterday when the last time I was thin was. Well, I was born February 5th 1986...seriously...I remember in 1st grade when we went to get a Brownie's uniform there wasn't one big enough...I had to wing it. I have always been a fatty. I also know that I had an amazing family who were always loving and a father who told me I was beautiful all the time. Sometimes I cry because I won't be fat anymore. I know that seems odd but I have a crazy awesome wardrobe and I know for a fact that I have really helped out other plus sized people with low self esteem. It's hard knowing that it will all be different.

It's all a journey. A journey which I am happy to start but also a whole life that I am leaving behind. It's been a good run but, sorry obesity, you and me have to break up!