Thursday, March 11, 2010

Proud to be me!

Ok, well I had to work, which meant no working out in the morning, which is my preference. I work the 6:45am - 7:15pm shift for those of you who don't know!  The day was great. I told a few people about my plans, some already knew from FB but I want encouragement all over the place so there were some people who needed to know. This also got the funniest comment so far. 

While telling my friend who is thin and tall about my plans she said "But I thought you were all proud of being a fat chick" lol! Not, exactly my feelings! It made me laugh so hard though! I am proud of myself, I have always been a confident girl. I dress well, I take care of myself, I wear bling and nice clothes and makeup. I make it work with what I have. But here's what it boils down to.

In a decade, am I going to be healthy and happy or fat and lazy? 

I want my children (someday!) to know their Mom can go play in the front yard with them or get down on the floor and wrestle. I want to be healthy for them, not just to be with them but also as an example. But most of all, I've watched my Mom struggle so much. Now that she's getting older it's so hard for her to do things. I want this for me...and for her, I know how proud it would make her. 



Me and Mom, unretouched! At the movies!

So, I'm also gonna put on here my daily meals. Maybe I can get some feedback on what works and what doesn't!

   Large coffee from home w/Coconut Coffee Mate (this won't change, so don't even try!)
   1 serving of plain Cheerios w/3 packets of Equal
   1 medium banana
   3 slices of turkey bacon
   1 pint of skim milk.

Probably could have lived with 2 slices of bacon :)

   Salad (iceberg lettuce, baby carrots, mushrooms, black olives, roasted pumpkin seeds, egg, cheese, italian dressing)
   left over spaghetti (whole wheat spaghetti, lean hamburger, Italian sausage, black olives, marinara)
   left over baked formaggio (italian cheeses baked with black olives on small bread rounds)
   started 34oz of water w/1 packet Crystal Light

   Clif bar (crunchy peanut)
   finished Crystal Light

   Pancakes with light syrup 
   Med slice of ham
   33 oz of water w/Crystal light + fiber

  Light ice cream :)

Ok, so I didn't get to work out yesterday because we had kids over, which will be the case all Wednesdays and Mondays I work. May just have to bite the bullet and wake up at 4:30am! Ha! But it makes me feel so much better! Ok, let me know your thoughts!

Peace and Much love!