Monday, March 15, 2010

Once upon a time there was a little girl on spring break...

And she spent it working...NOPE! Lol, I am off for the next 3 days and I plan to enjoy myself! Can't wait for diet won't exist for St. Patrick's Day, so I may need some encouragement to get back on the horse Thursday!!! I don't even think I'm gonna put my food on here for the past few days...too tiring. I feel like crap because I couldn't work out last night or tonight :( I can't wait to get back to it early in the morning. I am LOVING the way it makes me feel! 

The hardest thing for me right now is patience. Patience is not my strong suit and though I have gotten better in the recent memory at being patient this is really hard for me. Not seeing immediate results. Thank goodness for all the encouragement though, everyone has been wonderful and really made it easy for me to talk about it all.

I feel like I'm doing great though. I make it a point to take the stairs at work now, with one exception. I take the elevator when I get there in the morning @ 6:45 am! I can't do it that early! The great thing is, it's 6 flights of stairs to get from the cafeteria to my floor to eat. Makes me pick my food a little differently.  Doing this ensures that I take 12 flights of stairs down and more importantly 12 flights of stairs up everyday! I feel great knowing that it's a little something extra I can do at work.

Cravings aren't too horrible. I discovered that in the afternoon a Clif bar or a piece of fruit and my Crystal light are working well. However it's the late night that's killing me! I know I can do this, it IS the hardest commitment I've ever made but I think I'm up to the challenge, I just have to keep looking forward to a healthy future!

Peace and much love!